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About us

The Doctoral School of Science opened in the 2004/2005 academic year as a permanent structure inside the Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca. It opened according to art. 23 of the University Charter and art. 5 of the Regulations of the PhD Research Program. The school conducts activity of direction, coordination and support for the PhD. Program in scientific areas in the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, along with its own educational project.

The School has its own activities which follow the prerogatives of the Departments and Doctoral programs, to which specific competences are assigned by the University Charter.

The diplomas of the degrees awarded to the students after the completion of the doctoral program in the Faculty of Sciences will keep their current wording with " Scuola di Dottorato di Scienze" added.

The School organizes and coordinates the resources assigned to higher education programs of the university, of which the Doctorates are the most significant expression, in order for students to attain the qualities needed to compete at the national and international level. The School coordinates and directs specific strategic and organizational contributions; in particular:


·        it prepares initiatives which give visibility and international dimension to the activities of higher education of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, while answering to the initiatives of other national and international Institutions in a coordinated way, with the objective to encourage doctorates to participate in dual programs and thus receive joint degrees.

·        it proposes important initiatives for individual PhD programs in order to improve the operation of the doctoral courses along with the cultural and professional profile of the students, including the establishment of courses common to more than one doctoral program. Particular attention is given to interdisciplinary initiatives, aimed at increasing students’ cultural horizon and preparation in the scientific as well as the social environment.  

·        it prepares initiatives aimed to increase the value of scientific activities of the School regarding the institutional, industrial and economic realities of the territory, also promoting collaborative agreements between them.

·        it organizes seminars and conferences on scientific topics of general interest.