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Environmental Sciences

The Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences is very interdisciplinary; in that topics from Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics are dealt with.


The educational objectives of the doctorate consist in the development of the ability to plan, organize, manage and execute research activities in the field of Environmental Sciences. Particular emphasis is given to working on a multidisciplinary team, where possible at the international level. Emphasis is also given to the importance of being able to interact competently in various sectors, including management components with juridical-economic aspects.


The research activities are finalized to:


·        Know the environment and its components and their interactions and integrations in a systemic project vision.

·        Develop initiatives which keep sustainability as a focal point in the philosophy

·        Prevent environmental contamination in areas with various levels of different human activities and urban, industrial and agricultural pressure, through interventions on productive processes and mobility mechanisms.

·        Develop innovative methodologies and technologies for environmental reclamation interventions in critical environmental situations.

·        Save the natural environment and protect biodiversity.

·        Develop techniques for integrated management among different environmental and territorial components using Territorial Information Systems.


The research areas developed in the doctorate correspond to a great degree to those developed in other research groups of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Territory (DISAT).