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Pure and Applied Mathematics

The doctoral program in mathematics aims to teach students research techniques and methodologies for current fields of mathematics and its applications. At the conclusion of the PhD program, the doctoral candidate will not only have learned to lead scientific research in mathematics at the level commonly accepted by the international quality standards, but will have also reached the necessary maturity and professionalism to successfully  present results in international journals in the field of mathematics.

This work, either for scientific research or for the acquisition of professional competences for the presentation of the results, will absorb most of the time available during the Ph.D. A learning path is organized for this purpose, based on courses on the introduction to research and seminar activities which are specifically inherent to the doctoral candidates’ topics of interest.


Moreover, periods abroad are encouraged and supported for theses in dual educational systems with international experts.


It is worth mentioning that during these years of research activity carried out by our doctoral students who mainly had academic objectives, some of them have found top notch jobs in private research enterprises (in financial environments).


Research topics


  • Algebra: group theory
  • Homological algebra
  • Geometrical stability, simplectic and metric reduction of Kaehler-Einstein
  • The problem of the classic and quantum N bodies
  • Dynamic systems
  • Harmonic analysis of Euclidean spaces, groups, differential varieties, discrete structures
  • Functional calculus for differential operators on Lie groups
  • Stochastic differential equations, stochastic control and applications in finance
  • Stochastic systems of interagent particles and their applications in physics and biology
  • Topological fluid dynamics
  • Calculation of variations and non linear analyses