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Computer Science

The main goal set by the PhD Program in Computer Science is to train high-skilled researchers by providing them with the basic scientific contents, methodologies and knowledge of the field, along  with the key procedures, techniques and planning skills of the discipline. Thus they will be able to develop research activities on crucial aspects of the sector, conceive, design and plan complex information systems or carry out innovative applications with respect to information and communication technologies, in different application domains.
The training program is articulated in a series of high-level specialistic courses, which both deal with advanced topics and show the most recent outcomes in different fields of informatics. Moreover, such courses give rise to interesting discussions on open problems in each specific research area represent an excellent way in putting into effect an active participation in research projects in sectors such as:
  • project methods and technologies in processing systems
  • models and methods in knowledge representation, intelligent and complex systems
  • decisione support systems and related models
  • information and collaboration systems
Ten students enter the PhD program every year, with scholarships from the university, national and international research projects and private companies and organizations.
Great attention is directed to the relationships with the outside world, both in  private and public field, chiefly abroad, where every student develops part of his/her researches for at least a semester.